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Website bulletin
  Welcome to BPPTI website!
To provide you timely info and service,we"ve updated our company website.
Please tell us if you find any mistakes or more requests.Your concern would be highly appreciated.

               --General Manager
                 Michael Chen

company brief
Product List
moulds and toolings
plastic injection components
plastic components and parts
bank electronic products
Remote control
electronic com. products
    What is your comments on your website construction
simple but helpful
lack enough company information
insufficient timely company information


BPPTI HK headquarter: Hyper Integrity Group (Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd

Headquarter Address: Rm M,4/F.,Continental Mansion,300 King's Road, Hong Kong

Shenzhen BPPTI address:Block No.3,Yuepeng Industrial Zone,No.128 Guanlan Ave.,St.Guanlan, sub-district,Bao'an district,Shenzhen 518107,PR China

Contact person:

Representitve:Mr. Michael Chen

Tel:+86 755 28023485

+86 13510943900

Fax:+86 755 28021304

Mobile:+86 (0) 13510943900

Email:[email protected]

Realtime online service: [email protected]

Realtime voice service: skype ID: michaelchen2008

Address:Block 3,Yuepeng Industrial Zone,No.107 Guanlan Avenue,Guanlan St.,Shenzhen,China Tel:86 755-28023485 13510943900 Email:[email protected]

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